Definitions for "Basis Weight"
Keywords:  ream, grammage, pound, weigh, lbs
Weight (in pounds) of a ream of paper (500 sheets) in the basic size for that grade.
Weight (in lbs.) of 500 sheets of a certain "basis size". Usual "basis sizes" for our roll papers are: 25"x38" for offsets, opaque offsets, groundwoods, and catalogs 24"x36" for newsprints and directories 17"x22" for bonds From the above, we can deduce that 32 lb. newsprint (basis size 24x36) is the same actual weight as 35 lb. groundwood or offset (basis size 25x38). Also, 50 lb. offset (basis 25x38) equals 20 lb. bond (basis 17x22).
Weight of linerboard or corrugating medium expressed in terms of pounds per 1,000 square feet (MSF).
How heavy the fabric is. Kimberly-Clark nonwoven fabrics are typically measured in terms of ounces per square yard. Most Kimberly-Clark nonwovens range from under one-half ounce to three ounces. Some laminates, car covers for example, are heavier than this.