Definitions for "Proximal"
Toward or nearest, as to a body, or center of motion of dependence; proximate.
Situated near the point of attachment or origin; as, the proximal part of a limb.
Of or pertaining to that which is proximal; as, the proximal bones of a limb. Opposed to distal.
Pertaining to the surface of a tooth adjacent to a dental structure. Hence, the space between adjacent teeth is referred to as the interproximal space.
Proximal surfaces are the surfaces of adjacent teeth.
Next, or adjacent to.
Pertaining to the side toward the ancestrula or origin of growth (Ryland & Hayward, 1977).
in the direction of the origin of colony growth, the ancestrula.
igneous or sedimentary deposits consisting of coarser particles depos-ited near to their source areas.
near the center
Near the midline or beginning of a body structure (the proximal end of the humerus forms part of the shoulder).
The top of an anatomical structure (eg the proximal edge of the coffin bone would be at the top, where it joins with the short pastern bone).
Toward the body, i.e., the proximal cannon region is the upper portion of the cannon bone.
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Further up the bowel towards the mouth.
The part of a spore or pollen grains that faces towards the center of a tetrad.
towards the front end
toward the body, inward
plate inward radiate elements on proximal side of central-area.
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Toward the base, away from the apex.
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Close to/nearby.
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See basal / base
Refers to amount of intestine bypassed; normally 100 cm or less
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Close to the centre of the body. search for Proximal
Close to the body (your knee is proximal to your foot)