Definitions for "zephyr"
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The west wind; poetically, any soft, gentle breeze.
A westerly breeze with pleasant warm weather supposed to prevail at the summer solstice.
Any soft, gentle breeze. See Zephyros.
Zephyr was a blues-based hard rock band formed in 1968 in Boulder, Colorado by guitarist Tommy Bolin, keyboardist John Faris, David Givens on bass guitar, Robbie Chamberlain on drums and Candy Givens on vocals. Although the Janis Joplin vocal stylings of Candy Givens was originally the focal point for the band, it was the flashy guitar work of Tommy Bolin that the band is best remembered for. Zephyr,, (accessed 22 January,2007 After Bolin left to form Energy, he was replaced by Jock Bartley, however the initial impetus of the band was lost and the group soon disbanded.
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Andrew Zephyr Witten is a graffiti artist, lecturer and author from New York City. He began creating graffiti in 1975 and first signed using the name "Zephyr" in 1977. He has been identified as a graffiti "elder", who along with Futura 2000, Blade, Phase 2, Lady Pink and TAKI 183 invented styles and standards "that continue to be used and expanded upon today".
Fine, lightweight cotton fabric used for dresses, shirtings etc. and ornamented with coloured stripes, checks and cord.
A fine fabric of plain weave used for dresses, blouses, and shirtings and made in various qualities. A typical zephyr has coloured stripes on a white ground and exhibits a cord effect made by the introduction of coarse threads at intervals.
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zephyr is an ajax based framework for php5 developers. you can easily develop business applications using this robust framework. this is extremely easy to learn and very simple to implement. you can deliver a full fledged ajax application with strong bus
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Created at MIT, as part of Project Athena, Zephyr was designed as an instant messaging protocol and application-suite with a heavy Unix background. Using the "do one thing, do it well" philosophy of Unix, it was made up of several separate programs working together to make a complete messaging system.
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The Zephyr is a New Zealand one-design 3.6 metre sailing dinghy. It is a national class, administered by the Zephyr Owners' Association. Hull form and sail plans are restricted, to ensure all boats have the same potential speed.
A script-driven measurement automation program.