Definitions for "Mechanic"
A dealer or player that uses deceit to switch cards, deal from the bottom of the deck, or otherwise cheat the other players through slight of hand.
Someone who is adept at cheating by altering the cards or playing equipment.
A cheat who can manipulate the cards to deal himself or another player agood hand.
A mechanician; an artisan; an artificer; one who practices any mechanic art; one skilled or employed in shaping and uniting materials, as wood, metal, etc., into any kind of structure, machine, or other object, requiring the use of tools, or instruments. Also, a technician who maintains or repairs machinery; as, an auto mechanic.
Of or pertaining to a mechanic or artificer, or to the class of artisans; hence, rude; common; vulgar.
a craftsman skilled in operating machine tools
resembling the action of a machine; "from blank to blank a threadless way I pushed mechanic feet"- Emily Dickenson
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a leather safety harness which is worn by flyers and other aerialists and controlled by a man who holds the lower end of the safety rope
someone whose occupation is repairing and maintaining automobiles
a much more suiteable occupation
a very common type of person who can replace and occasionally repair parts
The Mechanic is a character in Marvel's Transformers comics.
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a good idea at a car auction because they can see
A magician who also fixes cars to make ends meet.
The art of the application of the laws of motion or force to construction.
Having to do with the application of the laws of motion in the art of constructing or making things; of or pertaining to mechanics; mechanical; as, the mechanic arts.
A term used for a floor installer in the wood flooring industry.
A flooring installer.
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a person who can take things off and put new ones on, and the parts generally work when he's done, but he doesn't know why