Definitions for "NRF"
Neighbourhood Renewal Fund. Government fund used to support the Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy.
Neighbourhood Renewal Fund is specific additional funding available over the next 3 years to provide public services and communities in the 88 poorest local authority districts with extra funds to tackle deprivation. The NRF Programme is part of the Government's £1.05bn commitment to tackle deprivation and improving disadvantaged areas (including mainstream services such as education, health and police).
Neighbourhood Renewal Fund. Funding that is available in each of the governments designated 88 most deprived areas.
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Network Routing Facility. NCP facility allowing LU s in different nodes to converse through an FEP without a host node LU being involved. Enables users to consolidate networks without soaking up host CPU cycles.
network routing facility. A licensed program that runs under the control of the Network Control Program and uses a System/370 backbone network. The network routing facility provides primary logical unit support and a path for data between a display station and an application without using the System/370 host system. An OS/400 function that runs with the Network Routing Facility licensed program to allow the path for data to go from a display station to an AS/400 application.
See network routing facility (NRF).
National Research Foundation
National Retail F
National Retail Federation. Formerly call NRMA, National Retail Merchants Association.
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non-running friend, "nurf".
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NATO Response Force
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Northern Research Forum