Definitions for "cords"
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trousers made of corduroy cloth; corduroys.
cotton trousers made of corduroy cloth
Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support [pacification
Horizontal supporting bands, usually of leather, onto which quires are sewn on the spine of the book. explicit The closing of a text. From the Latin explicitus: 'unrolled'. For example, as appears at the end of Seynt Katerine, f.21ra. Abbreviation for folio (see folio and ff).
Civilian Operations Revolutionary Development Support, that group of civilian, mostly US Foreign Service Officers, both regular and reserve, plus many US military officers on loan to it, whose primary function was to advise the Vietnamese officials (both civilian and military) on the corps, province, and district level on primarily civilian matters.
Psychic connections with others, developed and strengthened over time, and intensity of mutual emotion.
(HCDS0 A handset cord is a coil cord going from the handset (receiver) to the base of the instrument. (MCDK) A mounting cord goes from the base of the instrument to the amphenol and the amphenol connects to the wire coming out of the doghouse.
Aka Cords: Multi-dimensional lines created through thought, touch, intent, past life connections, implants and ancestral patterns coming into our energy bodies and chakras. Gurus, teachers, ex-spouses, lovers, friends, family, enemies, clients and sometimes multi-dimensional entities have a tendency to cord us.
This is a term that describes the sharing of demonic spirits between persons who have soul ties through the same unconfessed generational sin or participation in the same sin activity. Multiple demonic cords or ties occur in ritual ceremonies where numerous people attend and participate in sinful behavior together. The demonic shared spirits become very oppressive over each individual with each increasing number of persons added (see Ecclesiastes 4:12 - a cord of three strands is not quickly broken).
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Contain the electric wires that carry the electricity from the switch to the appliance.
Provides electric power to appliance. Model number and name necessary to order. Cut and Sew Attachments A cut and sew attachment is used for mock serging. The customer should match the model number and name of machine to determine which case must be used. If you have a question, email us or call 800-544-5858. The cut and sew attachment is also known as a serge device, or a cutting device.