Definitions for "vines "
See Virtual Network Software
A network operating system (NOS) developed by Banyan Systems (now ePresence). See NOS.
Banyan's network operating system based on UNIX and its protocols.
Keywords:  lush, withered, lucky, dream, relax
An extremely lucky dream. If the vines and leaves were lush and green expect great success to come you way. If the vines were withered or dead; you have been over doing things and need to take time to relax.
Keywords:  sunview, forever, wander, draws, grow
vines draws vines on your X11 or SunView screen. By default it draws in black and white, but color options are provided. The vines can grow across the top of your screen and down the side, down from the top of your screen until they reach the bottom, or start from the center and wander all over the screen forever.