Definitions for "Simple resolution"
The type of legislative measure that is considered only within the chamber in which it is filed. It can offer a commendation, a memorial, a statement of congratulations, a welcome, or another statement of legislative sentiment.
Legislation that relates to the operations of a single chamber or expresses the collective opinion of that chamber on public policy issues. A simple resolution originating in the House of Representatives is designated by the letters "H. Res." followed by a number and simple resolutions introduced in the Senate as "S. Res." followed by a number. For Example: H. Res. 10.
Govern the action of the body in which they originate and are for the concern only of the chamber passing them. Used to initiate administrative or "housekeeping" procedures, such as adoption of rules, assignment of committee members, and the like. Require no presidential signature, numbered in sequence and are published in the Congressional Record.
a change in opinion or behavior toward one of the items, or for the bond between them to change to a positive one