Definitions for "Line Item Veto"
Whenever the president signs a bill or joint resolution, the president may cancel in whole (1) any dollar amount of discretionary budget authority, (2) any item of new direct spending, and (3) certain limited tax benefits. In exercising this authority, the president must determine that such cancellation will (1) reduce the federal budget deficit, (2) not impair any essential government functions, and (3) not harm the national interest. Provisions canceled never become effective unless Congress reverses the action of the president by enacting a "disapproval bill." On June 25, 1998, the Supreme Court (in a 6-3 decision) ruled the "line-item veto law violates a constitutional requirement that legislation be passed by both houses of Congress and presented in its entirety to the president for signature or veto." back to top of L, M, N glossary
The veto by the Governor of a separate line item appropriation in an appropriation bill.
(see veto, line item)
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