Definitions for "Colorectal"
Keywords:  colon, rectum, bowel, tul, rek
Having to do with the colon or the rectum.
relating to the colon and rectum, or to the entire large bowel (large intestine)
a term that refers to the rectum and colon.
Lipoma Riboflavin
Laparoscopy Sphincter
Laparoscopy Riboflavin
Keywords:  metabolite, skeletal, tears
Metabolite Skeletal
Metabolite Tears
Keywords:  nephrology
Keywords:  speculum, mammography
Mammography Speculum
Keywords:  sigmoid, metastasis
Metastasis Sigmoid
Keywords:  methotrexate, squamous
Methotrexate Squamous
Keywords:  juniper, tachycardia
Juniper Tachycardia
Metastasize Thermoregulation
Keywords:  microbiology, libido, stomach
Libido Stomach
Microbiology Stomach
Keywords:  serology, leukemia
Leukemia Serology
Keywords:  smiling
Lymphadenectomy Screening
Keywords:  tomography
Keywords:  neonatal, topical
Neonatal Topical
Keywords:  sarcoma, molecular
Molecular Sarcoma
Keywords:  jaundice, spectrum
Jaundice Spectrum
Keywords:  microscopy, systemic
Microscopy Systemic
Keywords:  seizures
Keywords:  lesion, surgical
Lesion Surgical
Keywords:  lumen, species
Lumen Species
Keywords:  skull, lymph
Lymph Skull