Definitions for "Defiance"
The act of defying, putting in opposition, or provoking to combat; a challenge; a provocation; a summons to combat.
a hostile challenge
Offenders challenge the legitimacy of prevention efforts and commit more offenses rather than fewer 11
Defiance is a 1980 American film starring Jan-Michael Vincent, Art Carney, and Theresa Saldana.
Defiance is a 2005 play by American playwright John Patrick Shanley. The play concerns a colonel who promotes a black officer solely based on race. The black officer finds out that the colonel has had a brief affair with a private's wife and is torn between his desire to go unnoticed and his realization that he must do the right thing.
a knee orthosis designed for use by individuals with mild to moderate osteoarthritis affecting the lower extremity
intentionally contemptuous behavior or attitude
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a defiant act
The act of refusing to obey someone or some organization.
Acting out against something or someone. Opposing authority.
A casting aside; renunciation; rejection.
A state of opposition; willingness to flight; disposition to resist; contempt of opposition.
Being oppositional toward authority.
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