Definitions for "Marketable"
Fit to be offered for sale in a market; such as may be justly and lawfully sold; as, dacayed provisions are not marketable.
fit to be offered for sale; "marketable produce"
Indicating the existence of buyers and sellers. A security is marketable if it can be bought or sold at any time.
Wanted by purchasers; salable; as, furs are not marketable in that country.
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Notes and commentary on my working life, my résumé, and possible job searches. While I'm not really looking right now, I'm open to new possibilities.
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capable of being marketed; "the marketable surplus"
Raw natural gas from which impurities have been removed so that the natural gas meets the quality specifications of the pipeline transmission facility that will receive it for transportation to market. Also called PIPELINE QUALITY GAS.
Your website is ‘marketable’ when visitors to your site understand the message and take action (buy, e-mail or call, etc.). Your site should tell a story that induces visitors to take action based on understanding the message of your website.
in demand by especially employers; "marketable skills"
Used to describe employment land that is readily available for development.
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Current in market; as, marketable value.