Definitions for "DAKOTA "
(noun) 1. Group of Native Americans, which includes the tribes of Mdewakantonwan, Waqpe-tonwon, Sisitonwan, Waqpe-kute, and Santee. 2. Form of dialect spoken by the Dakota.
a member of the Siouan people of the northern Mississippi valley; commonly called the Sioux
the Siouan language spoken by the Dakota people
DAKOTA is a general-purpose software toolkit for performing systems analysis and design on high performance computers.
The Design Analysis Kit for Optimization and Terascale Applications (DAKOTA) is a software toolkit providing a flexible, extensible interface between analysis codes and iterative systems analysis methods. DAKOTA contains optimization algorithms using gradient and nongradient-based methods, parameter estimation with nonlinear least squares methods, uncertainty quantification with sampling, reliability, and stochastic finite element methods, and sensitivity/variance analysis with design of experiments and parameter study capabilities.
"Dakota" is a song by the Welsh band Stereophonics. It was the first single from their fifth studio album Language. Sex.
"Dakota" is a song written by Richard M. Sherman & Robert B. Sherman, also known as the "Sherman Brothers".
In 1861 Dakota Territory was established, embracing not only present-day North and South Dakota but also E Wyoming and E Montana. Statehood was granted on Nov. 2, 1889, North Dakota being the 39th state and South Dakota being the 40th state. Information from the Columbia Encyclopedia at:
the area of the states of North Dakota and South Dakota
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