Definitions for "Tessellation "
Keywords:  congruent, overlap, gaps, polygon, tile
Tessellation lets you create nice colorful tilings like Escher with 8 basic figures.
The act of tessellating; also, the mosaic work so formed.
in origami a tessellation is a repetitive geometrical pattern of flat folds which is created by pre-creasing and twist-folding a single sheet of paper.
An approximation that makes complex surfaces easier to render in a simulation
Decomposing a complex surface into a series of simple ones that approximate the complex surface. This approximation is called Tessellation, and the degree of Tessellation can be controlled so that a surface looks very smooth (with correspondingly slow frame rates), or it can look very Tessellated, where you can see the triangles that define it (with higher frame rates).
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a design that combines art and math