Definitions for "GOB "
Same as Goaf.
An underground working from which all of the coal has been extracted, sometimes closed off from the rest of the mine.
rock or other coarse materials sorted out of the coal either during mining or processing.
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Same as sailor.
Gob or Gobs - Term for sailor
a man who serves as a sailor
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An accumulation or amounnt of hot glass.
a lump of slimey stuff; "a gob of phlegm"
A portion of hot glass that is delivered from the furnace for forming
Gob are a punk band from Vancouver, British Columbia formed in 1994. They are currently working on their 5th album. The band's trademark sound relies heavily on crunchy, distorted guitars.
Geisinger Office Building Group-Model HMO – HMO staffing that occurs through contracting with multispecialty medical groups to care for plan members. Physicians are not employees of the HMO but are considered as a closed panel.
GObject Builder is a simple preprocessor for easily creating GObjects . It reads a class description file with inline C code and produces .c and .h object files for you. It allows you to easily use most of the features of the GObject system and avoids typos by reducing the amount of code needed.
Global Organization of Bodyboarders
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A little mass or collection; a small quantity; a mouthful.
The mouth.
n. 1. Slang term for mouth. GOB v. 1. To spit.
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There was a black and blue and also a black and yellow cover released on this classic 1994 first kiddy demo release by Gob.
The University's "General Operating Budget". This is the portion of the budget that is derived from income that is not designated for a specific purpose. It is mainly, but not exclusively, derived from fees and from government "subsidy".
Government of Bulgaria
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Ground Order of Battle
Group Of Blocks. Comprises of k*16 lines of an image. Each GOB is divided into macro-blocks.