Definitions for "Stabbing"
(Modern terms include: Grain/flesh stitching) This refers to stitching the leather from side to side, so that the stitch is visible on both sides of the leather. Stabbing specifically uses a straight awl, while stitching may be done with either a straight or curved awl. Sticking the awl completely through the leather. [Devlin, 1840] Uses a straight awl (as opposed to Stitching, which uses a curved or straight awl). This goes in one side of the leather and out the other, and so it shows on both sides. [Saguto
A stitching technique for quilting using both hands in which you insert the needle into your quilt, pull it out the bottom with your other hand under the hoop, and then push it up from the bottom to the top. The stitches are uneven and crooked on the underside when the stitching is done this way.
as physically painful as if caused by a sharp instrument; "a cutting wind"; "keen winds"; "knifelike cold"; "piercing knifelike pains"; "piercing cold"; "piercing criticism"; "a stabbing pain"; "lancinating pain"
causing physical or especially psychological injury; "a stabbing remark"; "few experiences are more traumatic than losing a child"; "wounding and false charges of disloyalty"
Roughening brickwork to provide a good surface for plaster.
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Toe-first landing of a hind foot which causes it to stab into soft turf.
The unexpected delaying of a train, particularly by another train movement.