Definitions for "sunrise "
sunrise is a port of the wmSun dockapp to SuperKaramba. It shows the sunrise and sunset times for your location.
The first appearance of the sun above the horizon in the morning; more generally, the time of such appearance, whether in fair or cloudy weather; as, to begin work at sunrise.
the time that the sun is first seen in the sky in the morning from a particular location
a collection of some of Huling's most interesting compositions from his various albums
Sunrise is the second single released by Caroline, recut from her debut album Murmurs. The single features the title track, as well as two remixes: a remix of Sunrise by Logreybeam, and a remix of Everylittlething by DJ Poignant. The single cover artwork was made by Olivia Lufkin (done in Critters' Style).
Sunrise is a lodge and visitor center located in the northeastern part of Mount Rainier National Park in Pierce County, Washington, United States. At an elevation of 6,400 feet (1,950 m), it is the highest point in the park that is acessible by vehicle. There are miles of trails located all around Sunrise, such as Mount Fremont and Sourdough Ridge.
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a joyous thing, but Chip hadn't realized just how much he'd missed the normalcy symbolized by an ordinary incandescent globe
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (aka Sunrise) is a 1927 American film directed by F.W. Murnau. This film is one of the first with a soundtrack of music and sound effects recorded in then-new Fox Movietone sound-on-film system.
Sunrise is a journal of the Theosophical Society Pasadena.
Japanese anime studio and production enterprise. It is a subsidiary of Bandai. Its former name was Nippon Sunrise, and prior to that, Sunrise Studios.
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Informative call that command and control functions are available from GCI/AWACS (opposite of MIDNIGHT).
Sunrise converts websites and newsfeeds for offline reading on your handheld.
Sunrise is an Australian breakfast television program, broadcast on the Seven Network and its affiliates. It airs at 6am - 9am weekdays.
Erroneous Term Based on False Perception of Sun/Earth Relationship
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a promise, and if there's a place where people can use promise-- bright, orange, leaves-spots-when-you-close-your-eyes promise-- it's this town
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Hence, the region where the sun rises; the east.
of an industry or technology; new and developing; "high-technology sunrise industries"
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