Definitions for "Knoll"
Keywords:  knell, bell, toll, proclaim, summon
To ring, as a bell; to strike a knell upon; to toll; to proclaim, or summon, by ringing.
To sound, as a bell; to knell.
The tolling of a bell; a knell.
Keywords:  hill, hummock, lagoon, mound, reef
A little round hill; a mound; a small elevation of earth; the top or crown of a hill.
The line that separates the table from the landing hill.
a small reef within the lagoon or on shallow shelves
Keywords:  rohe, bertoia, gehry, eero, saarinen
Knoll is an American company that produces office furniture systems. The company has been recognized as a worldwide design leader. The company sells furniture for the home by design greats such as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Harry Bertoia, Frank Gehry, Maya Lin and Eero Saarinen.
Keywords:  knlu, summit, extent, elevation, meters
an elevation rising generally more than 500 meters and less than 1,000 meters and of limited extent across the summit KNLU