Definitions for "LAND BANKING"
The practice of acquiring land and holding it for future use. see also raw land.
The business of buying land to preserve it for a specific future use.
the purchase of shoreline properties by a government, presumably to reduce development pressure or to preserve the parcel as a park or as open space.
Land banking refers to the purchase of land by a local government for use or resale at a later date.
Land Banking is the practice of purchasing land with the intent to hold on to it until such a time as it is highly profitable to sell it on to others for substantially more than was initially paid. Land is becoming increasingly popular as an investment due to the benefit of it being a tangible asset as opposed to Shares or Bonds. This type of investment has gained such popularity it is now possible to land bank worldwide and there are several firms set up to offer opportunities to do so.
The activity of purchasing land that is not presently needed for use.
The business of buying land that is not currently needed for use.
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