Definitions for "Land Use"
Industrial: Production, distribution and repair (PDR) related activities such as wholesale trade, manufacturing, warehousing, construction, communication, and utilities. Open Space: Public owned parks, recreation, and open spaces as well as some highway right of ways. Office Use: Management, Information, Professional Services such as finance, insurance, and real estate (FIRE), business, legal, and public administration. Mixed-Use: Combined uses such as office and retail, industrial-retail-entertainment, or industrial and office, etc. Mixed-Residential: Housing with one or more other use. Cultural/Institutional/Educational: Uses such as museums, zoos, hospitals, medical centers, colleges, meeting halls, etc. Retail: Shopping and direct consumer services, amusement, personal services, restaurants and bars, from neighborhood-serving to region-serving. Visitor/Hotel: Hotels and Motels.
The primary use of the land, including both rural and urban activities.
Land use describes the activities that occur on land, such as agriculture, energy production, human settlements, transport, forestry, mining and conservation.
How land is actually being utilized. For example, satellite data might indicate the presence of a forest, but this forest could be an orchard or a pristine stand of hardwoods. Often, but not always, to go from land cover to land use, it is necessary to have on-the-ground data.
Current or intended statutory use or tenure of land. It is the primary level of public land classification in Victoria. Forest Management
the way in which land is used, especially in farming and city planning.
The way in which the land is being used.
the various ways in which land may be employed or occupied. Planners compile, classify, study and analyze land use data for many purposes, including the identification of trends, the forecasting of space and infrastructure requirements, the provision of adequate land area for necessary types of land use, and the development or revision of comprehensive plans and land use regulations.
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Land use is how a property is actually used, whether or not that is the use designated by the zoning.
How the land is zoned by that county or city jurisdiction. Typically "Single Family Residence" (SFR) will be shown in these data reports.
The purpose for which land or the structure on the land is being used.
The ultimate uses to be permitted for currently contaminated lands, waters, and structures at each Department of Energy installation. Land-use decisions will strongly influence the cost of environmental management.
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The manner in which a parcel of land is used or occupied.
The current use of an area of land. This term is different to, but often confused with, land cover.
what land is used for