Definitions for "Greenways"
Refers to a linear natural feature created by human actions. Greenways can function in six basic ways: as habitat, as a conduit, as a barrier, as a filter, as a source for animals or seeds, and as a sink for trapping sediment, toxins, or nutrients.
A linear open space established along a corridor, such as a river or railroad right-of way, and usually developed for non-vehicular public use. Examples include the Platte River Greenway in Denver, the Capital Area Greenway in Raleigh, North Carolina, and the Willamette Greenway in Portland, Oregon.
corridors of open space. They often follow natural features such as rivers, streams or ridges, man-made transportation corridors such as rail lines and canals or utility right-of-way.
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Greenways is a set of three short atmospheric piano works composed by John Ireland in 1937; entitled The Cherry Tree, Cypress and The Palm and May. They were written when the composer was 57 and are amongst the last sets of piano works he wrote.