Definitions for "Resident agent"
A person that a sheriff can walk up to and hand a summons to in order to get jurisdiction over the entity for court. It may or may not be one of the owners or officers. In some cases this can be a Maryland corporation. In all cases the address must be a physical address (no P.O. boxes).
(Vermont) Someone who agrees to receive official notices from the State of Vermont for a corporation.
The person who is authorized to accept service of process in a particular state on behalf of a legal entity so that the legal entity can be sued in such state.
Individual with a legal residence in the state and on whom service or process may be presented. Resident agents must file forms: BOC-3 (Intrastate Interstate Exempt) and/or ICCX27A (Intrastate Interstate Exempt).
An agent domiciled in the state in which he or she writes insurance.
A licensed agent who resides in and is licensed in the state in which business is being written.
a person or organization, such as National Business Incorporators, Inc