Definitions for "AWS"
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Automatic Warning System. A device which indicates the position of a distant signal , or colour light signal, in the cab of a locomotive, and applies the brakes if a caution indication is not acknowledged.
Aircraft Warning Service
Device to provide an in-cab warning of adverse signal indications
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" Amazon Web Services provides developers with direct access to Amazon's robust technology platform. Build on Amazonâ€(tm)s suite of web services to enable and enhance your applications. We innovate for you, so that you can innovate for your customers." ( Amazon) This is the team behind the Mechanical Turk website.
A term the FCC uses to refer to an array of innovative wireless services, including wireless broadband Internet access. The FCC is currently writing service rules for the newly identified AWS bands.
There are a number of things that you might have meant by searching for AWS.
Automated Weather Station
A weather station that accurately and automatically measures and records meteorological variables over extended periods.
Automatic Weather Systems
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antiair warfare section
American Warmblood Society
American Quality Standard
American Welding Society.
Area Weapons System
'automated watering system'
Adaptive Woofer System, trademark of ACI. An active woofer system with built in user adjustable equalization capabilities.
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ADSL Workstation
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All-Wheel Steering.