Definitions for "Turk"
A member of any of numerous Tartar tribes of Central Asia, etc.; esp., one of the dominant race in Turkey.
A Muslim; esp., one living in Turkey.
Moghal. Hostile Muslim rulers or invaders. NB the distinction between 'musalmaan' (none-tyrannical member of muslim faith) and a 'turk', who is seen as one who (wrongly) uses Islam as a tool for oppression.
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Turk (shortened from "Young Turk"), born Tab Virgil, Jr. in 1981 in New Orleans, Louisiana, is an African-American rapper.
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The plum weevil. See Curculio, and Plum weevil, under Plum.
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a saint to such a fellow as this
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a brute, but a Christian is a demon
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A native or inhabitant of Turkey.