Definitions for "Bowls"
Keywords:  lawn, tanque, bocce, kitty, jack
See Bowl, a ball, a game.
lawn bowling at a jack using biased wooden balls
Bowls (also known as Lawn Bowls or Lawn Bowling) is a precision sport in which the goal is to roll slightly radially asymmetrical balls (called bowls) closer to a smaller white ball (the "jack" or "kitty") than one's opponent is able to do. It is related to bocce and pétanque. This game is most popular in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and in other Commonwealth nations.
With the dramatic increase in light output of the "new", ductile tungsten bulb brought out in 1911, fixture designs opened up. Indirect lighting, which uses light reflected off the ceiling, helped moderate shadows and offered a more gentle room illumination. An offshoot of this technology that became popular was the semi-indirect fixture which offered both reflected and diffused light . Bowls do a wonderful job of softly filling a room with warm light. Because the bulbs and sockets are well ventilated, higher wattage bulbs may be used and coupled with wall mounted dimmer switches, offer a great range of illumination levels.
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An object to hold other items placed in from the top, often with a lid to protect the inserted items, with a base to keep the opening upward which may be a simple flat surface, and added ring, a foot, or a stemmed foot. Many shown in ETG