Definitions for "Producers"
any of various organisms, such as green plants and certain algae, which obtain food by producing organic compounds from inorganic carbon dioxide by means of photosynthesis. Producers are a direct or indirect source of food for other organisms. Also called "autotrophs".
organisms carrying on photosynthesis.
like manufacturers, producers are businesses that convert raw materials into consumable products (p. 9)
People who change resources into an output that tends to be more desirable than the resources were in their previous form (e.g., when people produce french fries, consumers are more inclined to buy them than the oil, salt, and potatoes individually).
Companies, often state organizations, which own oil wells and the crude which flows from them. This category includes a large number of private enterprises. Integrated oil companies and specialists called independent producers develop much of the world's crude supply. But, as a matter of custom, the industry tends to think not of them but of oil exporting nations when speaking of producers. Other names, such as equity holders, leaseholders, or even equity producers, distinguish these private, commercial organizations. They need a separate category because they must buy the oil they develop, through lease fees, royalties, cash, production sharing, or other arrangements, from whoever has sovereign right to it.
Under Part I of the Consumer Protection Act 1987, strict liability for products applies principally to a producer. A producer is considered in law to be the manufacturer, a trader who holds himself out to be the manufacturer (e.g. an own-brander) or the first importer of the product into the EU. Liability under the Act also applies to suppliers who do not identify any of the foregoing within a reasonable time of being asked to do so.
Person in charge of overseeing the development of a video game. Their duties may include scheduling and budgeting, overseeing creative and technical aspects of the game and arranging for beta testings and focus groups.
Producers, also known as E&P (Exploration and Production) firms, explore for gas reservoirs, drill wells, and produce gas. Often larger producers also market their gas directly to end-users. Others rely on aggregators or marketers to make the connection with end-users. Numerous producers are active in the California market.
People and firms that use resources to make goods and services.
People who use resources to make goods and services (also called workers).
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Someone who makes something to sell or give away