Definitions for "Ethnic Cleansing"
is a term used during the Balkan conflict that called for the removal of ethnic groups from territory for occupation by another single ethnic group . This included everything from taking away jobs, land, homes, and institutions of the occupants of specified ethnic groups. It included the massacre of populations as well.
According to a United Nations report, ethnic cleansing is defined as "rendering an area ethnically homogenous by using force or intimidation to remove from a given area persons from another ethnic or religious group." Allegedly a victim of crimes against humanity, grave breaches and violations of the customs of war. The prosecution moved on May 3, 1996 -- four days before trial -- to dismiss these charges concerning "F". It is assumed that she was reluctant to testify. A prisoner at Omarska who was allegedly beaten and sexually assaulted by defendant Dusko Tadic and other Serbs in June and July 1992. The address, whereabouts and other identifying information about this witness shall not be disclosed. Additionally, this witness may testify by one-way closed circuit television in closed session.
A term that gained prominence in the 1990s to describe military conflict that targeted particular groups because of their ethnic make-up for elimination or displacement. Close Window