Definitions for "Diaspora"
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Lit., "Dispersion." -- applied collectively: (a) To those Jews who, after the Exile, were scattered through the Old World, and afterwards to Jewish Christians living among heathen. Cf. James i. 1. (b) By extension, to Christians isolated from their own communion, as among the Moravians to those living, usually as missionaries, outside of the parent congregation.
Jewish communities living dispersed outside Jerusalem in ancient times, mostly in large cities such as Alexandra, Corinth and Rome.
the area outside the land of Israel settled by Jews, or the Jews who settled there.
Diaspora is the debut solo album by Belgian world music singer Natacha Atlas. It was released by Nation Records in 1995 worldwide. The album was produced by Atlas' former band Transglobal Underground.
Diaspora was a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game created by Altitude Productions. Released from beta in June 2000, the game became an instant hit with the Internet community. By the Christmas of 2000, the game boasted over 35,000 registered user accounts.
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Diaspora is a ''Hard SF, 1997 novel by Australian writer Greg Egan.
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See Golus.