Definitions for "Galut"
Keywords:  exile, jews, hebrew, israel, temple
Hebrew word translating as exile. Refers specifically to our exile from the land of Israel since the Roman army destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago.
Lit., exile. Since the destruction of the Temple, Jews have been in a state of galut, exiled from their land. This has been understood as a spiritual as well as physical state. Traditionally, Jews have longed for the coming of the messiah to end the long exile. Others feel that it has ended with the advent of the State of Israel, while still others see the State of Israel as a step on the way to redemption. In modern times, some Jews have viewed the creativity of the galut as a positive force and have argued for the creative tension of Israel and the galut.
Hebrew - "exile" or "captivity". The Jews living outside of Israel.