Definitions for "Samaritan"
Of or pertaining to Samaria, in Palestine.
A native or inhabitant of Samaria; also, the language of Samaria.
A group of people who lived in Samaria at the time of Jesus, considered by the Jews to be inferior.
Samaritan is a fictional character in the comic book series Astro City. Created by writer Kurt Busiek and artists Brent Anderson and Alex Ross, Samaritan is the premier superhero of the world, much in the vein of Superman and Captain Marvel. Despite his powers, however, the mind of the man called Samaritan is that of a weary and worn time-traveler with little time to himself and no future to return to.
a person who voluntarily offers help or sympathy in times of trouble
a full featured and easy to use semi-wisiwig Windows help file editor, that allows you to compose WinHelp help files in an intuitive manner
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a Jewish half breed