Definitions for "Yad Vashem"
a museum in Jerusalem dedicated to the memory of Holocaust victims. The name of the Museum is taken from an Old Testament passage in Isaiah: "I will build for them a name and a memorial." (Isiah 56:5).
This is the holocaust memorial, bearing all the names of the Nazi extermination camps, which is at Jerusalem.
The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes Remembrance Authority, a State tribunal of Israel, created in 1956. It has a Department which studies and decides the cases of non-Jewish persons, who saved Jews during the Holocaust (1939-1945). It confers in such cases a medal and a certificate in two languages, (Hebrew and French) per family, and the right to have their names and country engraved on the Honor Wall at Yad Vashem, in the city of Jerusalem. Before, when space permitted, the heroes planted an olive tree in the Alley of the Just at Yad Vashem, which recognizes such people by a very moving ceremony there.