Definitions for "Masada"
Herodian fortress and site of the last stand of Jewish zealots during the First Jewish Revolt, memorably recounted by Josephus. In Josephus' account, the zealots killed each other and commited suicide rather than be conquered by the Romans and killed/sold into slavery. Several fragments of scrolls were found at this site.
Jewish fortress of ancient Palestine situated on a butte west of the Dead Sea; last stronghold of the Zealots who committed suicide rather than surrender to the Romans.
Fortress northwest of the Dead Sea where the Sicarii held the Romans off until 74 C.E.
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Masada is not so much a band as a musical project that John Zorn embarked upon in the early '90s. It is a collection of more than 200 short tunes that have been written in accordance with a number of rules. These include the maximum number of staves, the modes or scales that are used and the fact that they must be playable by any small group of instruments.