Definitions for "Kristallnacht"
Keywords:  pogrom, synagogues, november, nazi, jew
"Night of broken glass," November 9, 1938, pogrom against German Jews, Jewish businesses and synagogues orchestrated by the Gestapo in retaliation for the assassination of a minor German embassy official in Paris by a 17 year-old Jewish youth named Herchel Grynzspan. 7,500 businesses and 101 synagogues were destroyed, almost 100 Jews were killed and several thousand were arrested and sent to concentration camps. The beginning of the Holocaust.
German for "Night of Broken Glass." A mass pogrom of Nazi violence against Jews, their stores and syangogues on November 9-10, 1938. Aside from looting and destruction of property, about 35,000 Jewish men were sent to labor camps. 35 people were killed.
"Night of Broken Glass" - On November 9-10, 1938 the Nazis initiated a pogrom against Jews in retaliation for the assassination of Ernst vom Rath.