Definitions for "Mauthausen"
Keywords:  linz, austria, camp, quarry, prisoners
A camp for men opened in August 1938 near Linz. Mauthausen was established to exploit nearby stone quarries; it was classified by the SS as a camp of utmost severity. The prisoners included Italian, French, Yugoslavian, and Spanish political prisoners; Jews from Czechoslovakia and the Netherlands (1941); Gypsies from Austria (1938-40); nearly 30,000 Polish prisoners; and thousands of Soviet prisoners of war. The total number of prisoners who passed through Mauthausen is about 200,000, of whom 119,000 perished, including 38,000 Jews. Mauthausen was liberated by the U.S. Army on May 5, 1945.
A labor camp for men in Northern Austria established in August, 1938, where almost 100,000 Jews and prisoners of other nationalities were forced to work under the most brutal conditions and tortured to death, until the U.S. Army liberated it in May, 1945.
Camp in Austria that killed hundreds of thousands with a program of "extermination through labor."