Definitions for "Ghetto"
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A quarter of a city where Jews live in greatest numbers.
Any section of a town inhabited predominantly by members of a specific ethnic, national or racial group, such segregation usually arising from social or economic pressure. The term is commonly applied to areas in cities having a high concentration of low-income African-Americans.
The Nazis revived the medieval term 'ghetto' to describe their compulsory "Jewish quarters." Ghettos were poor sections of a city where all Jews from the city and surrounding areas were forced to reside. Surrounded by barbed wire or walls, the ghettos were sealed and no one could leave. Established mostly in German-occupied Eastern Europe (for example, Lodz, Warsaw, Vilna, Riga, Minsk), the ghettos were characterized by overcrowding, starvation and heavy labor. All ghettos were eventually dissolved, and the Jews and Gypsies that had resided there were deported and murdered.
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"Ghetto" is the title of a 2005 single by R&B singer Akon. It reached No. 92 on the Billboard Hot 100, and is a cut off Akon's debut album Trouble. There are three remixes of this song: an International Remix featuring Ali B & Yes R, two Dutch-Moroccan rap artists; one featuring 2 Pac and The Notorious B.I.G.; and one with lyrics of 2pac's original ghetto gospel.
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That which is not highly cultured or regarded is said to be ghetto. Anything not pop culture can also be said as ghetto. This is not necessarily an insult, but is most often miscontrued as one. USAGE: If your VCR has a hood latch on it and pops up like "BOOM!", it's ghetto.
Any isolated group of people.
Any group isolated by external pressures, with an implication of inferiority.
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a friend of poverty
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