Definitions for "Chelmno"
Keywords:  poland, camp, extermination, jews, nazi
Nazi extermination camp in western Poland. Established in 1941. The first of the Nazi extermination camps. Approximately 150,000 Jews were murdered there between late 1941 and 1944, although not continuously. In comparison to the other extermination camps, Chelmno was technologically primitive, employing carbon monoxide gas vans as the main method of killing. The Nazis dismantled the camp in late 1944 and early 1945.
Established as an extermination camp late in 1941 near Lodz, Western Poland. It became the first camp to execute using gas. At the end of the war, 320,000 people had been killed there.
The first death camp, where after 1941 as many as 100,000 Jews were killed in gas vans.