Definitions for "Mengele, Josef"
SS officer at Auschwitz in charge of "selections" of the new deportees. His pointing to the right or the left would determine either immediate gassing and death or being sent to forced labor. Known as the "Angel of Death," he was notorious for his "medical" experiments, especially on twins and Gypsies. Escaped after the war from a British Internment Hospital, and was hunted until his body was "supposedly" found in Brazil in 1986.
(March 16, 1911 - February 7, 1979?) Physician at Auschwitz. Conducted experiments, especially on twins in the hopes of finding a faster way to reproduce the Aryan race. Made selections at the ramp. Known for his arbitrary and brutal decisions and actions. After the war, he lived for five years in Germany, then in Argentina and Paraguay. In June 1985, a skeleton was found which forensic experts concluded was Mengele.
The "Angel of Death" of Auschwitz known for his medical experimentation, especially on twins, and his decisions as to who would die.