Definitions for "Judith"
A Jewess who defeats the Assyrian forces of Nebuchadnezzar by killing Holofernes, the commander-in-chief of his armies, when he is in a drunken stupor. This legend was composed as a reflection on the meaning of the annual Passover observance.
Jewish heroine in one of the books of the Apocrypha; she saved her people by decapitating the Assyrian general Holofernes
The Jewish heroine who cut off the head of the Assyrian leader Holofernes after the Assyrians had besieged a Jewish city.
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Judith was Judy Collins' best-selling album from 1975. It included Collins' hit recording of Stephen Sondheim's "Send in the Clowns", as well as material by Steve Goodman, Jimmy Webb, the Rolling Stones, and the standard "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?"
Judith is a song written, composed and recorded by American alternative rock band, A Perfect Circle. It was released as a CD single in North America (1-track) and a 4-track single on both CD and vinyl format in Australia. The song was used to promote the band's debut album, Mer de Noms, which was released three months prior.
Judith is a homily written by abbot Aelfric of Eynsham around the year 1000. It is extant in two manuscripts, a fairly complete version being found in Corpus Christi College Cambridge MS 303, and fragments in British Library MS Cotton Otho B.x.
Judith is the third in a series of historical novels set in late nineteenth-century England written by the Irish-based author Brian Cleeve. Like its predecessors, Judith features as its protagonist a young independent-minded woman who tries to make her way in a largely inhospitable and sometimes terrifying world.
Holtkamp variety (Europe). Large, standard African Violet (4-inch pot size) with single, red flowers and dark green, girl-type leaves ( red reverse). Available in the U.S. as Diana.
an Apocryphal book telling how Judith saved her people