Definitions for "The Crossing"
The Crossing is a term used in Egypt to refer to the west to east crossing of the Suez Canal by the Egyptian army at the start of the Yom Kippur War in 1973. It is also a term used by some Israelis to refer to the east to west counter-attack crossing of the Suez Canal by the Israeli army spearheaded by Colonel Danny Matt and his paratroop battalion later in that war. That term is translated from the word which means "The Crossovering" in Egyptian, that was particularly used to indicate the highlight of the Yom Kippur war surprise attack that was initiated by the frontline infantry in contrast to the expected routine airborne start.
The Crossing is the first studio album released by Scottish band Big Country. In 2002, Mercury released a remastered and expanded version of The Crossing which included the US-only Wonderland EP and a single version of "Chance."
The Crossing (ISBN 0-394-57475-3), published in 1994 by Alfred A. Knopf, is a novel by prize-winning American author Cormac Mc Carthy. The story is the second installment of McCarthy's "Border Trilogy".