Definitions for "Nick Carter"
Nick Carter is the name of a popular fictional detective who first appeared in dime novels published by Street & Smith in the 1890s.
Nickolas Gene Carter (born January 28, 1980) is an American musician and pop singer. He is a member of the popular music group the Backstreet Boys. In 2000, he was included in People Magazine's list of the 50 Most Beautiful People.
Nick Carter is an Italian comic strip created in 1972 as a semi-animated cartoon for one of the most popular Italian TV show of the 1970s, Gulp!: authors were Guido De Maria (director and writer) and Franco Bonvicini (Bonvi) (co-writer and art). The first run comprised 11 stories, later reprinted as normal comic strips for Il Corriere dei Ragazzi and subsequently in numerous other magazines and books.