Definitions for "Peninsula"
A protrusion of land that is surrounded by water on three sides and attached to a larger mass of land.
an elongated piece of land surrounded by water on three sides (a headland), an extension of land from a larger body. headland metrology : acoustics
An elongated portion of land nearly surrounded by water and connected to a larger body of land, usually by a NECK or an isthmus.
a surfing mecca situated on the sunny East Coast of the North Island, New Zealand, and includes some of the best waves and surf locations in New Zealand
Similar in design to an island except open on only three sides. Often used in ā€œLā€ shaped kitchens as serving bars that separate the kitchen from the dining or family room.
A counter-height section of cabinetry that extends from the wall into the room, often at a 90 degree angle. Peninsulas may include a cooktop, sink, or snack bar, and help separate the kitchen space from other adjoining rooms without using a solid wall.
An exhibit or area with aisles on three sides.
Term applied when the back of a cabinet is visible and is produced with either operable or false doors.
A countertop, with or without a base cabinet, that is connected at one end to a wall or other counter and extends outward, providing access on three sides.
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Spain and Portugal.
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