Definitions for "Boule "
Keywords:  ingot, molten, wafers, gem, synthetic
It is a synthetic gem which is created from molten liquids placed in a tear shaped molds to crystallize, leaving them with a tear-like form. It is mostly applied for synthetic Rubies and Sapphires.
A sausage-shaped synthetic single-crystal mass grown in a special furnace, pulled and turned at a rate necessary to maintain the single-crystal structure during growth.
A large single crystal of semiconductor, cylindrical in shape, often 6 to 12 inches in diameter and over one foot long. Wafers are sawn from the boule and further process into PV cells.
A legislative council of elders or chiefs; a senate.
Legislature of modern Greece. See Legislature.
Athenian council.
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A round loaf.
A ball-shaped loaf of bread that's baked without a pan in the oven.
Keywords:  buhl, buhlwork
Same as Buhl, Buhlwork.
an inlaid furniture decoration; tortoiseshell and yellow and white metal form scrolls in cabinetwork
Boule is a user chat Web application. It is based on a modular design to be easily pluggable to other systems. It provides real time interaction by using a Java applet that produces data that feeds the response from an HTTP request running in the background of a separate window. The response is then placed into the Web page through JavaScript.
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the "will" of God which in turn leads to the word ( Logos) of God.