Definitions for "Agora"
Keywords:  marketplace, greece, greek, city, roman
An assembly; hence, the place of assembly, especially the market place, in an ancient Greek city.
The main square and public market of a polis.
Square or market place in an ancient Greek city.
Keywords:  agorot, shekel, israeli, nis, equal
100 agorot equal 1 shekel
(pl., agorot) An Israeli coin. One hundred agorot equal one new Israeli shekel--NIS (q.v.).
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a very clever tile-laying game by James Ernest
a website for those interested in international work spanish game, travel spanish game, people and study abroad
a website for those interested in international work spanish verb, travel spanish verb, people and study abroad
an international group of volunteers dedicated to providing noncommercial aromatherapy education articles via donated webspace on the internet
the seat of the Jovian Confederacy's government. It is located in the Jovian capital of Elysée.
Project, funded under the UK eLib programme, aiming to provide an open, standards based platform for distributed, mixed-media information management as well as a framework for end-user-oriented services and an infrastructure which can be scaled up to provide the backbone for national access to distributed collections (the Distributed National Electronic Resource)
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Agora is a web solution written in PHP that provides a set of utilities for e-learning support with services by course like document publication, glossary, news, FAQ.
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The Agora Shopping Cart is a fully-featured shopping cart that can be installed with the click of a button. Please refer to the Agora web site for more information.