Definitions for "Spheres"
Ancient astronomers, starting at least with Pythagoras, held that the Earth was the centre of the universe and that the planets and stars occupied positions in a series of concentric, crystal spheres surrounding the Earth. See Music of the Spheres.
Spheres (hangul:스피어즈) is a Korean animated series. It is a product of the major anime broadcaster Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, and the animation was done by Studio Kaab, who would later animate the series Nalong.
Spheres is the fourth album by the Dutch death metal band Pestilence. The band progressed to include many experimentation, e.g. with guitar synthesizers as well as jazz influences. The album was generally ill-received upon its release.
Spheres is an exciting new puzzle game featuring spheres in a bowl. The main object is to clear all the spheres in the bowl by arranging the spheres in particular geometric patterns. More details will be announced as they become available.