Definitions for "Autonomic dysreflexia"
Autonomic dysreflexia (AD) is a very important potential complication of SCI. It is an exaggerated response of the nervous system to a specific trigger, such as an overfull bladder, that occurs because the brain is no longer able to control the body's response to the trigger. This response involves the blood vessels in the skin and abdomen narrowing, which leads to a rapid increase in the body's blood pressure. Common signs and symptoms include a severe headache and sweating.
(Hyperreflexia) - A syndrome attributed to interruption oof spinal cord sympathetic pathways.
A potentially dangerous complication in SCI above the T-6 vertebra that involves high blood pressure, sweating, chills, and headache, frequently due to an overfull bladder or impacted bowel. Also known as hyperreflexia.