Definitions for "AAT"
The Art and Architecture Thesaurus. Part of the Art History Information Program of the J. Paul Getty Trust, AAT addresses the need for a standardized vocabulary of art and architecture terms for use in bibliographic and visual databases and in the documentation of object collections.
Art and Architecture Thesaurus; a publication of the Getty Information Institute, a thesaurus for terms to describe art and architecture.
Art and Architecture Thesaurus
The Administrative Appeals Tribunal is a statutory body that provides independent merits review of a range of government decisions.
Administrative Appeals Tribunal Website
The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) is a body someone can go to if they do not agree with a decision made about them by a Commonwealth Agency. It is a high level independent body, which reviews actions of the Commonwealth. It is not a court. The AAT only has jurisdiction to review decisions where it is given jurisdiction by another piece of legislation, for example, Section 85-1 of the Aged Care Act 1997.
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androgen ablation therapy; preferred terms might be androgen deprivation therapy ( ADT) or hormone therapy.
anti - armor troop
And Animal-Assisted Therapy
Apple Advanced Typography, the new name for all the things you used to call *GX Typography, plus some new things. AAT includes native Type 1 support (no ATM needed), can use Windows TrueType fonts (TTF files), and normal fonts do not need to be *GXified. This is all in OS 8.5. When OS/X comes along, *OpenType will also be supported.
Arc Attribute Table - a file for storing coverage attribute information.
Arc Attribute Table. A table containing attributes for a line coverage such as streets or streams.
Arc attribute tables. Tables containing information for ARC/INFO line coverages.
The NBG code for single-chamber atrial synchronous pacing.
Advanced Academic Training STEP Program(In 2000, renamed to Educational Enrichment Program - EEP)
WebSphere Application Assembly Tool.
Ambient Air Temperature. The temperature of air surrounding an object. The computers on some vehicles use this information to fine tune the engine's operation.
Abbreviation for: assigned arrival time Fr: AAT
Associate of Applied Technology