Definitions for "Ablation"
A carrying or taking away; removal.
Reduction of a glacier by melting, evaporation, iceberg calving, deflation.
The removal of heart tissue which causes A-Fib. This tissue is physically destroyed by applications of RF, laser or ultrasound energy.
A nonsurgical procedure in which a catheter is inserted through the veins to the heart. Through the catheter, an electrical charge is delivered that eliminates areas of the heart muscle or conduction system that cause the heart to beat too fast or irregularly.
procedure used to correct certain types of heart rhythm disorders.
The minimally invasive destruction of tissue or tumor mass. Ablation may be performed by surgery, hormones, medications, radiofrequency, heat, or other methods
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Gestational Pleural
Gestational Plaque
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Ganglioside Prone
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Forearm Physiology
A self-regulating heat and mass transfer process in which incident thermal energy is expended by sacrificial loss of material.
Process in which chemical bonds are broken by thermal energy (heat). (See saphenous vein ablation)
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Estrogen Polymorphism
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Guanine Plasticity
reduction of; e.g., in the management of prostate cancer, hormonal ablation means the use of hormonal techniques to reduce the spread of prostate cancer cells and cryoablation means the use of deep freezing techniques to reduce the number of live prostate and prostate cancer cells.
a machine which completely disinfects the skin using a saline solution which is run through an electrode
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Wearing away; superficial waste.
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Separation or detachment