Definitions for "Anus"
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The posterior opening of the alimentary canal, through which the excrements are expelled.
The opening at the end of the bowel through which bowel movements pass.
Opening to the outside of the body at the end of the bowel and rectum.
Tumors of the anus (not the anal sac) are most common in male dogs. Benign tumors (perianal adenomas) are hormone dependent and occur most commonly in dogs that have not been castrated. Malignant tumors (sebaceous gland adenocarcinomas) are not hormone dependent. Benign tumors are treated with local tumor removal (surgery/cryosurgery) and castration (to prevent new tumor development). Treatment and outcome of malignant tumors vary depending on tumor size and possible spread to lymph nodes but generally include surgery and possibly radiation therapy.
Herpes Rectal
Incontinence Pyelonephritis
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Enos; Anus Utra the name of a revealer; Anus bar Danqa the name of a Mandaean dignitary at the time of the Islamic invasion
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Gonorrhoea Presbycusis
Keywords:  premalignant
Iatrogenic Postoperative
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Hematology Pharmacist
Instillation Radiography
Keywords:  glomerular, protozoan
Glomerular Protozoan
Keywords:  riboflavin
Keywords:  serology, intravenous
Intravenous Serology
Keywords:  resorption, hygienic
Hygienic Resorption
in botany, belonging to, e.g., virginianus, of Virginia
Keywords:  remission, hypertension
Hypertension Remission
Keywords:  reinfection, immunity
Immunity Reinfection
Keywords:  periproct, see
See periproct
Keywords:  hematuria, prostatitis
Hematuria Prostatitis
Keywords:  psoriasis, hepatitis
Hepatitis Psoriasis
Keywords:  hillary, latin, adjective, anal, ring
see anal
Latin = ring, adjective - anal.
Latin word for Hillary.
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Multiple Myeloma
Keywords:  selenium, lesion, species
Lesion Selenium Species
Keywords:  phosphorus, grade
Grade Phosphorus
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slang for it isn't us
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prevented by forces beyond one's control