Definitions for "Peregrine"
The peregrine falcon.
wanderer, pilgrim
a widely distributed falcon formerly used in falconry
Planet positioned in a sign where it posesses no essential dignity. It is neither dignified nor debilitated. It is a planet that seems to be independant of others. In interpretation in Horary Astrology, the astrologer determines if it could be a debility by where it is placed in degrees and relationship to angles of specific houses as appropos to the question. Planets that enjoy mutual reception can not be considered peregrine. The simple determination on whether or not a planet is peregrine is if it is unaspected.
When a planet is void of essential dignities. Planets in mutual reception cannot be peregrine.
From the Latin peregrinus, foreigner. Said of a planet that does not occupy a sign of essential dignity or debilitation and is not in mutual reception with any other planet. A peregrine planet is said to drift aimlessly and lack standing in the horoscope; its action depends upon planets with which it is aspected.
Peregrine is a fictional character from the Wild Cards series of books.
Le Peregrine is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.
St. Peregrine the martyr was an early Christian martyr who died because he and others refused to worship the Roman Emperor Commodus on his birthday.
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Peregrine is the sixth studio album by indie rock band The Appleseed Cast, released on March 21st 2006 on The Militia Group.
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Foreign; not native; extrinsic or from without; exotic.