Definitions for "Feature class"
The type of feature represented in a coverage. Coverage feature classes include arcs, nodes, label points, polygons, tics, annotation, links, boundaries, routes, and sections.
A term used to define coverage elements such as arcs, nodes, or polygons.
1) A classification describing the format of geographic features and supporting data in a coverage. Coverage feature classes for representing geographic features include point, arc, node, route-system, route, section, polygon and region. One or more coverage features are used to model geographic features; for example, arcs and nodes can be used to model linear features such as street centerlines. The tic, annotation, link, and boundary feature classes provide supporting data for coverage data management and viewing. 2) The conceptual representation of a geographic feature. When referring to geographic features, feature classes include point, line, area, and surface.
a designation for a group of features in a broadly defined descriptive category